Lisbon Story

Competition entry for restoration of on old-time panoramic restaurant situated on top of the highest hill in the closest surroundings of Lisbon, called ‘The Observatory’

The location of the Monsanto observatory inspired designing a secluded urban retreat – remote destination to unwind, isolated from the city – yet in a close relationship with it.

the idea for a spa not only carries through the initial concept of an observatory – the building remains open to nature – but further develops the idea by becoming the Observatory of Minds – focused on human beings, aiming to indulge and de-stress.
Human brain requires specific conditions to allow for growth, new experiences and discoveries. Monsanto Spa has a chance to create such an environment.

The building obviously has always been an important character in Lisbon’s story and the brilliance of the original architecture shines through the current state of destroy. Emerging from the the theory that architecture evokes and accumulates emotions – the form and identity of the renovated Observatory remains almost untouched.

Proposed facade panels – sails inspired by Ned Kahn’s art installations – frame and multiply city views. Built out of plated glass elements, the facade will introduce shimmering reflections and a game refractions – creating a multi-layered panorama of Lisbon.